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Environmental pollution

Are you a student who has taken up Environmental sciences? Are you a junior student who has been asked to write an essay on Pollution?

The world being as it is, we know the effects of this pollution on our earth. Books and news channels abound in news about global warming and pollution, the greenhouse effect, the ozone layer depletion, the melting of glaciers, the harmful effect of plastic, the non biodegradability of products marring the soil, so on and so forth.

We have different kinds of pollution, be it air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution etc.., in metropolitan cities there are suspended particles in the air we breathe and the percentage of asthma and allergy is unbelievable.

If you would like to get enhanced knowledge about the different levels of pollution found on the face of the earth, the technical details, and the ways and means of countering them , download an essay and from essays org. and get an idea. For example, if you would like to know the decibel level that would be the most acceptable to the normal ear, you can get more information if you go patiently through the site.

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