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An Assessment of Potential Intervening Mechanisms of Attachment-Friend Linkage

It is hypothesized that early attachment relationships and children’s later interactions with others are very much connected. In a childhood development study, child-mother attachment security, mother-child affective mutuality and language ability were being assessed, revealing the link between attachment security and friendship quality in which a child’s early attachment relationship can play a significant role in promoting and affecting one’s friendship qualities (McElwein et al, 2008). Current research has shown its strength in the large sample size and independent assessments of construct, increasing the reliability to detect indirect effects. An article, “How do secure mother-child attachments predict good friendships?”, basing on the particular empirical study was reported in Science Daily, a popular and leading website.

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Anteprima della tesi: An Assessment of Potential Intervening Mechanisms of Attachment-Friend Linkage

An Assessment of Potential Intervening Mechanisms of Attachment-Friend Linkage The empirical research’s investigation was guided by Bowlby’s (1982) attachment theory in which children developed and construct “internal working model”, a set of expectations about the availability of attachment figures and the support provided in times of stress, together with the relationships through repeated interactions with caregivers. Early attachment ...

... another cause. The final part of the media article has revealed that a child’s early attachment relationships were emotionally intense, and that it may be important in guiding children’s functioning in other close relationships (University of Illinois at Urbana-champaign, 2009). This understanding could be made more ascertain if substantial explanations from the main research paper were represented in Science Daily.
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