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Managing IT system Integration a case study at Seaward Sugar Co.

The paper is a case study at Seaward Sugar on Managing information technology(IT)system Integration.

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Introduction 1
Problem to be solved and Indication of Solution 1
Relevance of Strategic Business IT 2
Aim and Objectives 3
Research Question 4
Study Approach 5
Resources 6
Project Evaluation 6
Project Plan 7
Literature Review 8
References 9

Anteprima della tesi: Managing IT system Integration a case study at Seaward Sugar Co.

The client we are working for is a sugar manufacturing company involved in the processing of sugar from the sugar raw materials- sugarcane. The sugar manufacturing process begins from the crushing of sugarcane to obtain the juice from the sugarcane, the obtained sugarcane juice is then converted to sugar by heating and bleaching to obtain white colored sugar. The main problem the sugar company faces is the manual handling of their manufacturing processes which is reasonably tedious and wastes a lot of raw materials human resources ...

... every element in the topics listed above, we shall need a plan that will guide us in reviewing the literature the plan will focus on allocating time to the topic and the team that will do the literature review and the scope of the review so as to avoid inclusion of unnecessary literature in the review. For our case here, five topics have been identified for review as per the company operations, equal priority shall be given to the topics as well as time of one week each and the review process carried out by a team of three people so as to make the compiling process and proof reading easier.
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