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Studi Economici


corporate social responsibility in business ethics

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can be defined as the management’s obligation to make decisions and to take actions that will enhance he welfare and interests of the society...
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Creation of lend lease in 1950s

The land lease’s strategy model is based on partnering and this has enabled the co-operation to diverge in the projects it is investing in.Retreived from: Lend lease Board
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Economic and political causes for the American Revolution

This essay is about the Economic and political causes for the American Revolution and the changes America was going through.
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economic development and enviromental impact assesment

the essay looks into economic development versus enviromental impact assesment .it tries to capitalise on the effects of economic development on the enviromental conservation .
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Ethical principles of the business Airtel

The business operation of Airtel currently does not reflect any ethical principles. The company has lost trust from the customers because of its dubious activities because of its failure...
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European Monetary System

History of development of common European Monetary System (European Monetary Union) from its biggining in 1979 till today.
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Event concepts and contexts: Tourism and Its Impacts on Environment and Economy

In this paper we are going to look at tourism and some of its positive and negative impacts. The impacts are categorically many but we are going to focus on the economic and environmental...
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The essence of this study is to establish the extent to which wind energy has been exploited in the Scandinavian region where a great potential of wind energy lies.
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Family owned enterprises effects on knowledge sharing in southern China’s electronics industry

This is a research paper that looked at the effect of family owned enterprises on knowledge sharing whereby it has taken southern China’s electronics industry as the case study
 inglese  7352  N/A  N/A  gratis

Financial Deregulation

Outline of financial deregulation across a global economy with emphasis on Australia's Macquarie Bank and the investment banks of the world
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