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to write an essay on Marriage and Relationships?

Such a topic would look a very easy one for the student. But, a professionally written essay must have some organized structure. Thereby it would lend credibility to the essay. While the student can write his own views on such a subjective topic, it would do him/her good to do some research on this topic. For example, laws, and cultures vary. There is a difference in attitude between the east and the west. Once again there would be differences in families and also regions.

Take for example a proper eastern wedding. This wedding is likely to have much significance derived from the religious practices of the country. Based on this religious practice where a lot of sanctity is attached to the institution of marriage, levels of tolerance are inculcated and this also has an effect on the durability of the bonding. Divorce rates are also low compared to other countries. Now, to understand all this one must trace the origin of these customs and practices, and there is a lot of scope for making the essay colourful.Download an essay from our library and make your learning process an enjoyment.

This type of essay would give a lot of scope for extensive research that would make it interesting. On the other hand if the student just airs his own views on the subject based on his personal observations this is likely to have limitations and would only present a one-dimensional approach. Download an essay from our library and see if you can get better with the help of this example essay.

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