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do you write an essay on poetry?

A “poetry essay” is likely to be a tough proposition for the student. First of all, since the poet can resort to poetic language and a number of literary devices this would call for an advanced level of comprehensive skills. What is most important is the thesis, the articulation of the thesis and the development of the idea throughout the essay. Critical views and readings would lend greater charm and credibility to the essay. An essay with sufficient evidence by way of quotations and references, and of course proper citations would go a long way in improving the grades of a student. Download one of our essays from essays org and learn to write your “poetry essay”. Follow the simple steps before attempting your essay:

1. Read through the poem well and look for the surface meaning and a deeper meaning.--Deeper meaning is frequently felt in certain lines of the poem and the context must be well understood for this...

2. Read some facts about the poet and this would give you an indication of his character. Many of the beliefs and character traits of the poet are likely to be revealed in his work. For example, Milton’s hatred of women or Wordsworth’s identifying Nature with God can easily be felt in his poems.

3. Look for the metaphorical usage ad try to understand this in depth. Explaining this would add weight to your essay.

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