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Admission essay

What is the purpose of an admission essay?

This admission essay is the student’s self introduction to the University. The student has to impress the authorities about his eligibility to an institution. A student may be very meritorious, may have many achievements to his credit but he has to sum this up in the best manner possible to appeal to the authorities. The admission essay becomes his final strategic selling point. Now this admission essay becomes a very important part of a student’s application. The authorities in the admission panel are forced to go through innumerable essays and must not be bored with redundant details. This would be a negative point in the admission essay.

There are certain important points that a student must keep in mind while preparing his admission essay.

1. First of all the essay must be purely original.

2. The introduction must be arresting and make the authority read through the page with interest.

3. Proper grammar and punctuation must be adhered to and the admission essay must be thoroughly proofread.

4. The extracurricular activities of the student and all his other experiences must be presented in such a manner that they highlight the qualities of the student. Search for an admission essay in our library and get an idea about writing it.

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