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Writing tips - part 1

1. Do you want your teacher to like your writing?
Be brief and forceful.
Your essay must show the teacher that you have conviction about what you are writing and are not doubtful.
There must be no disjointed sentences.

2. Avoid verbosity.
Look at the two sentences below:

2. a], ‘While making a double compound sentence with a complex sentence with one adjective and another adverbial clause in it, would give you the greatest intellectual satisfaction of having motivated a student trying to analyze the sentence, it would be too optimistic to expect the same sort of appreciation from a reader who has less time and even lesser inclination to do so.’

2. B] ‘Don’t write long winded sentences for your own satisfaction. Be sensitive to a reader’s time limitations .He is not a student being tested for his knowledge of sentence structures.-This would only alienate the reader.’

Which one is clearer? Obviously the second 2.b] sentence conveys your meaning better and faster. Moreover, when you are a student, you would get caught in your long sentence and make unnecessary mistakes. ‘What are you driving at?’ must not be the question of your teacher. But he must be motivated to go through your written page fully and not look for a red pen to scrap it across. Download essays from this academic library and benefit from reading excellent essays of students and researchers.

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