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submitting of the paper

How can I submit my essay?

To submit your paper, you have to be registered. After successful registration, the user panel appears on right webpage column. Click on first link on the panel, “submit essay”, and, in few simple steps, submit your work to the system. The work is going to be approved usually within 48 hours by one of our editors.


How do I wordcount the essay?

Open the essay in Microsoft Word or Open Office, go to Tools menu and here click on Word Count choice.

Why wordcount on your pages differ from wordcount shown by MS Word, Open Office, etc?

Calculation of the wordcount is not simple task. Each program use different algorithm. Some algorithms count only alphabet letters, some count also special symbols such as brackets and some algorithms count numbers as word, etc. Even two major text editors, Microsoft Word and Open Office, often show different wordcount for same text. We tried to make our algorithm count the same way the Microsoft Word does. Unfortunately, still there are some differencies that are not simple to overtake, so the wordcount sometimes may be little bit lower or higher than shown in your text editor.

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