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Best Food Grocers and HK handbags put in place various elements of both communication and motivational behaviors. This paper will dwell on the various elements of Organizational Behaviors like actions of learning, the models, Organizational development, working life, systems of social welfare and changes made in the organizations

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Communication Theories
Cognitive Dissonance Theory
Coordinated Management of Meaning
Expectancy Violations Theory
Organizational Information Theory
Motivational Theories
McClelland’s’ motivational theory
Expectancy theory of motivation
ERG Theory of motivation – Clayton P. Alderfer
Herzberg’s Motivation – Hygiene Theory
Work cited

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Best Food Grocer and HK Handbags Introduction It is worth consideration that the ways that people, different individuals, and diversified groups carry out themselves in an organization play a very key role in the day-to-day development of the organization. In addition, it is also important to note that with reference to the above mentioned, subjects like leadership skills, team work, human behaviors, just to mention but a few, are influenced in a number of ways. It is in view if this that Organizational Behavior come to being. This very important study was developed so that the different objectives that are held by ...

... that explain this are well illustrated to show the relevance and thus avoiding of problems that have been discussed. On the other hand, all employees in a firm must recon that not every one is a perfect being and for the prosperity of each one of them - from the head of the firm to the most junior employee – need to adequately listen to one another.
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