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Discuss about Tragedy as portrayed out by Oedipus and Willy in their plays

This essay portrays out tragedy as brought out by Oedipus and Willy in their stories. The story of Oedipus bring it out when we see him moving from being a king to a blind person ,On the other hand, in the story of Willy, the death of salesman clearly outlines tragedy. Through comparing their views this essay comes to a conclusion that both of them have a goal to attain and at the end of it all.

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Preview of the essay: Discuss about Tragedy as portrayed out by Oedipus and Willy in their plays

DISCUSS ABOUT TRAGEDY AS PORTRAYED OUT BY OEDIPUS AND WILLY IN THEIR PLAYS Tragedy entails a calamity disaster or a misfortune. On the other hand it can actually mean an individuals resulting to a misfortune. The misery change depicted in these cases represents a re usually from the aspects of happiness to misery. In both plays tragedy is ...

... to attain a misfortune.
From Freud perspective, the aspect of destiny only moves people since it might have been theirs. Therefore it is only fate that direct the individuals in the attainment of the goals I the modern society. The sequencing of events as depicted in both the two stories can either be from a bad to a good fortune or from a good to a bad fortune.
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Benjamin I.

That of the story of Oedipus is a classic intermingling of various elements. It makes a reader more humane, more compassionate and more tolerant...How pessimistic however in layman's view.

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