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The Learner and the Learning Environment

This essay discusses at length the significance of the learning environment in effecting optimum learning to the students. it has been said that the total environment greatly affects the quality of learning the students have in a cwertain educational setting.

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All of us are very much aware of the effect of the environment on our lives. Who doesn't feel a little more optimistic when the sun is shining, the sky is blue and a warm breeze gently blows? Who hasn't had trouble staying awake through a long lecture in a stuffy room? Who hasn't had trouble concentrating when stress or ill health overcomes us?
In just the same way that the environment can impact our lives, it can also contribute to or detract from the way a student learns. As we think about it, we realize that most of what we have learned in our lives has come to us from outside ourselves. We are born knowing how to suckle, but we have to learn to eat. We are born knowing how to cry, ...

... effective as possible? The preceding material in this paper obviously has suggested some answers to these and other related questions. We also believe learners should be consulted regarding any of their special or personal needs related to the environment. Is it possible to satisfy everyone's needs? Probably not! What is possible is the effort to honor adults as sources of information, to learn about some needs, and then try to satisfy them. Another important practice is formative evaluation throughout a learning experience. For example, a continual assessment of the environment might reveal that some seats are simply too small or uncomfortable for the type of learning activities being facilitated. Subsequent efforts could be made to find alternative seats. If certain people are having problems hearing the instructor or other learners, then they could be moved to more appropriate locations in the room. Such suggestions are not the last answers to physical environment concerns nor do they necessarily provide optimal advice pertaining to physical components within the learning environment. Each instructor's personality, preferred instructional techniques, and institutional constraints obviously need to be matched with peculiarities present in each group of learners to ensure success in the individualized setting.
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