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Relationship between intimate partner violence and posttraumatic stress symptoms

This paper will discuss the relationship that is found between Intimate Partner Violence and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, how IPV leads to PTSD; what factors leads the development of IPV to a more severe condition of PTSD which affects the mental well being of the victim in this situation, it will further go ahead to explain what these syndromes are and what group of the population are highly infected with it. It will enlighten those who find themselves in this situation what they can do and for those who haven’t what are the risk factors involved with IPV; this will be covered in the recommendation segment.

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Table of contents

Purpose 2
Objectives 2
Literature review 2
Definition of IPV 2
Rates and types of IPV 3
Domestic violence 4
Dynamics of an abusive relationship (based on domestic violence) 5
Effects of domestic violence- a common breeding place of IPV 6
How are these effects treated? 7
Post traumatic stress disorder as a consequence of intimate partner violence. 8
Why does IPV result to post traumatic stress disorder? 10
Risk factors for the development of post traumatic stress disorder 11
Protective factors for the development of post traumatic stress disorder 12
Statistics on IPV 13
Ipv prevention 15
Recommendations 16
Treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 17
Key recommendations on advanced ipv that has developed to PTSD 18
Conclusion 19
References 20

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The main objectives are defining and understanding what IPV is, classify the types of IPV experienced by the population, describe the rates and types of IPV, why does IPV develop to PTSD their relationship, what factors can be taken to account to prevent the escalation of IPV to PTSD, the risk factors associated with PTSD in relation to IPV treatment of PTSD in relation to IPV, then we will look into the statistics that have been carried out in regard to IPV, how IPV can be prevented and the recommendations on the way to follow when taking steps to prevent IPV in the dating scene and in the long term relationship such as marriages. The paper also includes major research projects that have been coined to solve the mysteries associated with IPV and PTSD.

Literature review
Definition of IPV
Intimate partner violence is a type of abuse that is experienced between two people in a close relationship. The term intimate tends to mean present ...

... well established support system that embraces the victims and makes them open up, this will decrease the chances of IVP growing into PTSD thus her mental health will be safeguarded. All in all, with all the research that is being conducted on ways of effectively treating ipv and PTSD then we have hope, as we continue using therapies, pharmacological and psychological treatments that are available. For the effective prevention measures of not experiencing ipv which could develop to PTSD then everyone in the society is obligated to take responsibility in participating in public awareness programs that promote the disabling of IPV in relationship.non governmental and governmental organization should chip in research of identifying the weak areas found in the knowledge of ipv symptoms that can lead to a more serious disease PTSD. Preventive measures are well beyond curative procedures, when looked at the perspective of financial cost, damage accumulated and wasted lives.
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