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economic development and enviromental impact assesment

the essay looks into economic development versus enviromental impact assesment .it tries to capitalise on the effects of economic development on the enviromental conservation .

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Preview of the essay: economic development and enviromental impact assesment

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT . Overview: In many parts of the world, economic development projects directed at improving levels of material comfort have had unintended detrimental effects on people and natural resources. Water, land, and air have been degraded to the point where they can no longer sustain existing levels of development and quality of life. - With inadequate environmental planning, human activities have resulted in the disruption of social and communal ...

... at information feedback and exchange of positions and goals) to public participation as the ultimate expression of joint planning, empowerment of citizens, and shared leadership. Note: On institutional mechanisms of ECM, bilateral talks/engagements have been prioritised as the best, followed by regional arrangements and/or mechanisms while ICJ is to be used as the last resort. Also, the role of the traditional elders in joint border security committees and other community policing has also been touched upon.
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