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historical example of an ethical dilemma.

the essaay tries to explore into the various ethical problems faced by multinational companies .an example is the cocacola company .

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Table of contents

Abstract 1
Introduction 1
Business ethics 2
Ethics of Human resource management 2
Ethical problems in Enron as influenced with globalization 3
Perceptions 4
Risks and Consequences 4
Recommendations 5
Conclusion 6

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Our case study will dwell on Enron, an accounting firm that had numerous ethical problems. The most evident ones being the ones that dealt with human resource and the workers. Enron lacked a true culture of ethical compliance, it was considered as a pioneer company of the future but it was not to be, Due to lack of a good culture in accordance to business ethics to its client and its employees. Its top management which includes the directors, officers and accountants and lawyers were just out to benefit themselves financially at the expense of their workers who lacked motivation and clients who lacked proper delivery in services ...

... it comes to the host countries. The rights of the workers should be considered and their voices should be made to be heard through the creation of unions. Governments in the global communities should also make precedent measures that should follow up multinationals to safeguard the rights of the workers who are their citizens. Thus ensuring that corrupt dealings will not be undertaken in the host country, multinationals should be made to comply with the policies drawn down by the host country concerning workers rights.
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