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Language Sexism: On Socio-Political Perspectives

Sexism is a form of social discrimination. It assumes various forms, one of which is sexism in language. Language sexism is very manifest in langauge use. The language, as most gender advocates would say, is full of sexist expressions. This essay discusses in socio-political perspectives the impact of language sexism.

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Most modern societies exist under a patriarchal system, an order characterized by male dominance and the means of perpetuating that dominance. The paramount control of men over women could be seen in various affairs of life---in household, workplace, political governance, and even in language. This disproportionate authority of men over women, in the long run, bred discrimination in its myriad forms of manifestations putting women in the sidelight ...

... voice, to words, in the knowledge that they see the world through the canvas of language and motivated by the certainty that sexist language, the one they have learned, contributes to the perpetration of the patriarchy. They also know that when they have a language that represents them, it will change reality. That’s why they keep forging ahead. In that sense, parents no longer put girls to sleep with fairy stories. They will now tell them that good girls go to heaven and bad girls get to go everywhere… and that this particular story is far from over.
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