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Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy

This paper will discuss democracy in the modern world, its problems and how it can be coined to accommodate capitalism and socialism to make it more adaptable to the people of the world. Democracy has been tagged as a western sentiment, by western meaning; countries that are found in the western realm such as the European and American countries. Other developing countries such as the African countries and Asiatic countries are yet to embrace democracy

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Table of contents

Abstract 1
Introduction 1
Socialism 3
Socialism Enslaves and Misuses 3
Socialism and Bureaucracy 4
Properties of Socialism 5
Advantages of Socialism 5
Disadvantages 5
Remedies for Socialism 6
Capitalism 6
Properties of Capitalism 6
Advantages 6
Disadvantages 7
Remedies 7
Definition of democracy 7
Advantages and Disadvantage 9
Democracy-Immigrants of the People 9
Democracy-Ethnics and Religious Conflicts 9
Bureaucracy 10
Short-term Focus 10
Tyranny of the Majority 10
Political Stability 11
Theory of Peace 11
Relationship between Democracy, Capitalism and Socialism 11
References 13

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After the World War II most countries of the world either adopted the capital economy or the socialist economy as way of sustain ship in their individual countries. Countries like Russia for instance took the socialist way where everything belonged to the state and people were mobilized to develop the communal way thus individual development in the economic sector wasn’t supported in any other way it was curtailed. This prompted the landlords of huge estate had peasants rent their lands in single lines to cultivate after which the government would instruct them to store the grains in a singular government granary. The above illustration doesn’t support innovation and financial growth of the individual ...

... accommodate capitalism as well as socialism into their governing structures. This will allow the whole society to be fully integrated into the system thus making the appreciative to the system that meets their needs wholesomely and generously. People don’t want to feel segregated because of their social standing in their society, but they want to feel part of the ruling government by being given a voice thus everyone is entitled to vote and participate fully for democracy to work. A solution should be found to integrate the old people and poor people into the system this can be done if socialist ideas can be coined to work together with democracy.
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