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Women of Japan; Rights and Roles through the Centuries

This paper will discuss the plight of women and what was expected of them during the 18th century in Japan. The roles they played, what was expected of them and the side effects of their rights being violated in the modern Japan. It will also look at the kind of laws that have been enacted to subject women to their rightful places in this society.

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Table of contents

Abstract 1
Introduction 1
Discussion 1
Legacies and lineage 3
The imperial household law of 1889 5
Consequences of the 1889 decree 6
Disadvantages of the 1889 decree 7
What role has 1889 decree played on today’s Japanese Woman? 8
Comparison 10

Preview of the essay: Women of Japan; Rights and Roles through the Centuries

Japan has been ruled by the imperial throne which can be defined as a traditional setting that has no bearing when it comes to being conformist in that they are conservatives that are rooted to the traditions of their society. (Robin, 1999) Gender inequality is a topic that is discussed a mile away when it comes to the imperial throne, women’s rights are violated and are not taken with the same weight as that of men. Men are considered more equal than women especially when it comes to the heir issues concerning the ruling class ...

... participating in national building matters. The Japanese woman story across the 18th century to the 21st century should be used as a model that global women should use to realize their true potential as women and mothers of the world. It should give the girl child hope of facing a better tomorrow in a male dominated society, women rights can be achieved and be realized by other means such as empowerment and enlightment just as the Japan women choose the right path you can not fight the system but you can learn ways of surviving the system. Through this article we can come to the conclusion that the Japanese woman has come from afar from sexual slavery to sexual freedom, from political gag ness to freedom of expression their roles as mothers in the households has also been expounded in the senses that they are able to work part-time and lead successful households other than being housewives with no sense of economic freedom. Thus their role as mothers and leaders in the society has established around the years which have been long and hard.
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