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international marketning

the essay explores the field of international marketing .more precisely it envisages into interstate marketing .

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QUESTION . As an international marketer you have been asked to be a consultant to company which produces various products to a foreign country .The country technological is not variable .What is the future of the company? The company will search for information which will lead to rapid of scientific knowledge. This fact of life in the global arena has two implications: one a firm with appropriate knowledge had better constantly innovate and produce new technology and two if a technology advantages will be short lived the firm should earn rents from it by rapid marketing in the global market place. Innovations and technology changes because since ...

... in Europe again, it first called on an ex-Chrysler employee who was heading up Ford’s operations in Europe. Next, it contacted all the auto distribution that had been selling Chrysler products in the 1970s. Through this network, it was able to find qualified people and in some cases, finances their entry into business as Chryler distributions in Europe .Personal contacts allowed Chrysler to put in place a distributor organization spanning Germany, France, Switzerland, Holland and Belgium within a short period of time, ready for the launch of the Plymouth Voyager wagon and the jeep Cherokee.
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