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On Praise of Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is undoubtedly a representative of the Golden Age of English Literature. He writings typify what is true, what is good and what is beatiful. This eesay expresses in the most sublime manner the writer's appreciation of William Shakespeare as a writer.

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It was April of 1564. Stratford-Upon-Avon had many reasons to celebrate. The trees were dancing with glee with the gentle breeze as they were charmed by the healthful warmth of the sun. Little colorful flowers which grew near the banks of the Avon River were exuding pleasant sights to the eyes as they welcome the elixir of youth. The birds were singing their most melodious pieces producing a natural orchestra unparalleled not even by the splendid arias of Bernini and the combined powerful voices of Sinatra and Pavarotti. Joyous and lively as the spring was in ...

... “Good friend, for Jesus’ sake forbeare To dig the dust enclosed heare: Bleste be the man that spares these stones And curst be he that moves my bones”. When all is said and done, one thing is certain: Shakespeare is Shakespeare. He is a very rare species of homo sapiens. So rare is his kind that somebody like him exists only every a thousand year. Mankind will have to wait for several generations before a man of equal stature and greatness as Shakespeare may be born.
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