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International trade is an inevitable part of the affairs of the State. How a foreign and domestic trade are developed depends on certain indicators. I traced the development of foreign and domestic trade in this essay.

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Table of contents

Domestic Trade and Production 1
Domestic Trade and the Quality of Life 2
Domestic Trade and Consumerism 4
The Family Business and Domestic Trade 4
Rationale for Foreign Trade 5
Composition and Direction of Exports 6
Composition and Sources of Imports 8
Policy for Development of International Trade 9
Arguments For and Against Free Trade 11
Trade in a Regional Market    13
Innovation and Foreign Trade 14
Diplomacy and Foreign Trade 15
Foreign Trade and Domestic Employment 16
Formation of Trade Commissions 17
Bibliography 18


DEVELOPMENT OF DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN TRADE Introduction Economic development includes the attainment of efficiency in the distribution of goods and services within the national territory and the inflow and outflow of raw materials, finished products and equipment in foreign trade. To make the possible, quite a number of facilitative arrangements must be made operational. Infrastructure must likewise be set up to for the physical movement of products in relation to the status of supply and demand within and outside the country. DOMESTIC TRADE AND PRODUCTION The growth of agriculture and industry in an economy depends upon the distribution, sale and consumption of the goods produced. Initially, the output of the agricultural and industrial sectors must be absorbed by the domestic market. This is the market that will sustain the enterprise at the formative period. When production is accompanied by distribution the enterprise can continue to produce and to grow, hence the need to locate demand for the product as well as to locate the sources of raw material supply (Little, et, all., 1075). Domestic trade flourishes when the different modes of transportation by land, sea and air are well developed in terms ...

... with respect to supplementary products that they produce.
5. To serve as an avenue for review of products standards between the countries concerned when their product standards differ.
6. To propose measures to the governments of the countries concerned on how anomalies in foreign trade such as technical smuggling can be solved through joint and cooperative efforts.
7. To formulate proposals on transactional arrangements that will enhance the flow of trade between the countries concerned.
8. To study the patterns of production in each country so that complementary action can be taken towards production integration in some products where processing can be began in one country and the other stages completed in another.
9. To monitor to each other the status of demand for certain products and raw materials so that the need can be filled through the member countries.
10. To study and propose measures that will simplify the documentation and processing procedures involved in the trade between the countries concerned.
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International Business
Princess R.

True development starts at the local level. Whenever people talked about development, they do not realize that development is holistic and not fragmentary.

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