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Stress, Health and Coping

I discussed in this essay about the nature of stress as a biological phenomena and as normal human experience. Facts on relevant studies about stress are included in my discussion in this essay

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
Definition 1
Coping with Stress 2
Emotions and Stress 3
Selye’s General Adaptation Syndrome 4
Selye’s Gas: An Evaluation 5
Diseases of Stress 5
The role of stress in healing 6
Fluctuation 8
Remarkable Results 9
Sources 14

Preview of the essay: Stress, Health and Coping

Stress, Health and Coping INTRODUCTION Less dramatic, but at least as important as other diseases in their effects on the body, is everyday stress. When you have to make physical and emotional effort beyond what is usual for you, you are under stress. Stress can be so serious that a mere tendency to illness may develop into an active problem, or new illness may result. A n inadequate education, lack of spare time, lack of privacy, severe pressure on the job – all are stress situation that can affect the body. In our complex society, it is not possible to remove all causes of stress. It is not desirable, either, because some degree of stress is often necessary if we are to accomplish specific goals or protect ourselves from danger. The body has many ways of adapting itself to difficult situations such as increasing the output of adrenal glands, changing the blood sugar level, or adjusting the digestive tract. But when a part of the body is overwhelmed by stress and cannot react as it should or if it over-reacts, then resulting ailment is psychosomatic. DEFINITION Stress is a condition or factor that produces an ...

... Producing an interest strain on a person, stress is caused emotionally, biochemically and physically. Some methods of adjusting or coping with stress are direct coping and defensive coping. Emotion can be stressful to both body and mind. Coping therefore with emotions requires learning how to handle the stresses and strains of life. Selye’s General Adaptation Syndrome to stress had three main stages, namely: Alarm Reaction, Resistance and Exhaustion. Diseases of stress are diabetes (high sugar level, insulin low) and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar, high level, insulin). The rate of stress in metaphysical healing informs us of the regenerate healing process on affected cells of the body. Crisis can be calculated with the Stressing Scales.
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