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All You Need to Know About Legends

I presented in this essay an instructive discussion about legend, its difference from myth, the different legends in the world and the like.

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Table of contents

Origin and Development of Legend: Historical Background 2
Types of Legends 3
Legend as Literary Genre 4
Legend from All over the World 5
Legend in Philippine Literature 5
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Preview of the essay: All You Need to Know About Legends

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT LEGENDS According to the New Webster’s Dictionary of the English Language , the word legend is a story handed down from the past, which lacks accurate historical evidence but has been may still be, popularly accepted as true. Legends are prose narrative accounts of an extraordinary happening believed to have actually occurred it may tell of an encounter with marvelous creatures which the folks still believe in – fairies, ghosts, water spirits, the ...

... the religious legends, recounting miracles of God and His saints; legends narrating encounters with supernatural beings such as aswang, cafre, duende and the like; miscellaneous legends that tells about sunken bells and buried treasure; a place name legends, it is about the origin of a certain place and are arranged by geographical regions.
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Humanistic Studies
Gisele C.

The writer was able to trace the development of legend as a literary genre. Well-organized presentation.

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