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Adams Aircraft Analysis Report

The paper is on Adam aircraft which is a a company that mainly deals in designing, building and certifying new products.

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Adam aircraft is a company that mainly deals in designing, building and certifying new products. The main factor that brought this company into being was that in the aviation industry for many years it lacked a company that wanted to get involved in the business of making new aircrafts from scratch. The above was experienced due to two factors lack of financing and lack of government support.

These two factors can be elaborated by the following sentiments: it’s not until 1994 when the government stepped in to protect aircraft manufacturers from lawsuits that emanated from dealing with aircrafts that were older than18 years. Before this the industry had died ...

... Adam Aircraft Company has that; it has specialized in an area that is perceived by many in the aviation sector as minor. But times are changing and the mode of having taxis and cabs on road will invade the air space and soon this industry of light weight jets will pronounce its vastness. As other big players continue to ignore the fertile grounds that small jets offer if innovation is instilled, their sector of heavy planes will be adversely affected by the competition it will experience in coming years. As more people venture for efficiency, more personalized services, and privacy that only the small jets and planes can offer.
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