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Costa Rica Health system

Costa Rica health care is ranked as the third country in the world in life expectancy which currently stands at 78 years of age.The paper has discussed Factors contributing to a good healthcare programme in Costa Rica.

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Table of contents

Introduction 2
Health Care System 2
General organization of Health Care System (Costa Rica) 4
Functions of the Health System 7
Factors Affecting Health Care System 9
Healthcare System in Relation to the Rural Population. 10
Observations 12
References 12

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This Central American country, lies between Nicaragua to the north and panama to the south. Costa Rica occupies a space of about 51,100 square kilometers in average It has a population of around 4,191,960 at a growth rate of about 1.35%,birth rate of about 17.8/1000, infant mortality rate of 9,3/1000, life expectancy of about 78, density per square km 82. Its capital city is San Jose which is considered to be the largest city occupying a space of about 1,527,300. The official language used is Spanish and English. It has a wide compositional ethnicity groupings ...

... the public sector together. Hence the economic factor of growth can be realized and these funds can be directed to a more effective well equipped public hospitals with new technologies set into place. The government should train more social workers and community workers whose main work is to enlighten the rural population on health related issues such vaccination and other communicable diseases. The ministry of health should be accorded its own budgetary system to increase efficiency so that implementations of building more hospitals, buying new equipments for the hospitals can be realized with eases other than waiting for approval from the ministry of finance.
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