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World environment problems

This essay will try to summarize some of the environmental problems which include DR Anthon writing of threat of environment and some of the environment problems we have been experiencing and try to came up with their solution.

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
Destruction of ozone layer 1
Water cycle 2
Exhaustion of natural resources 2
Population 2
Conclusion 3
References 4

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Destruction of the ozone layer which causes increases of UVB radiation. This is brought about by the various disposals to the environment. This is highly felt in developed countries where pollution is the highest due to many industries. The radiation from ozone causes damages to living tissue of plant and animals while at the same time affecting plankton’s ecosystem ...

... environment problems can be solved easily if man can be more responsible. This evidenced by so many arid areas to productive areas like in Israel which shows that these problems can be solved if more efforts are to be put in place.
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