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Culture in health care institutions

This essay is about the Knowledge of culture in health care institutions is very important as it helps offering health care to non English speakers in English speaking country and also improves the quality of health care in any health care institution.

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
How to you enhance your cultural competence in any areas in which  there deficient. 1
How to maintain cultural competence in areas you were proficient. 2
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How to enhance your cultural competence in areas in which there is defiance
After finding out from this quiz that I do not have enough knowledge on different cultural issues, I intend to prepare on a generalist level to have the formalized preparation on trans-cultural health care. Preparation in trans-cultural health care stresses on the principles, theories, concepts and research studies on how to care for patients of different cultures. This involves ...

... maintains the knowledge health care professional has gained. In the world of today, almost all health care institutions are visited by different people with different cultures. A health care provider can also maintain knowledge about cultures by revision cultures learnt before (Jeffreys 2006; Program for Multicultural Health).
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