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The Church as a Servant and Community: Strength and Weaknesses and its role in

The paper is on the Church as a Servant and Community.It has also discussed on the Strength and Weaknesses and its role in Post-modernism changes.

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The church 1
Servant 2
The church as a servant 2
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The term church denotes an association of people that is Christians, Christians being the followers of Jesus Christ the son of God, and a place of worship that is where they meet to congregate as a group, in the aim of worship. The church comprises of many groupings though the Roman Catholic claims to be the first church. These groupings are such the Orthodox Church, the protestant churches and the Anglicans just to mention but a few. Hence the word church is generally used to refer to all religious groupings that base their worship and teaching on Jesus Christ of Nazareth and son of God. All in all they are considered as the body of Christ, they all believe that Jesus is the head of the church while the Christians are the members of the church. Just as there are many religious groupings in the world ...

... challenges in the changing world. Thus the church is entitled to be upfront in refreshing their knowledge each day. It can be termed as dying at the cross daily, calling unto God to manifest strength renew the churches courage to face all these changes. The church community should also learn to do the same by daily sanctification.
The church should take in the initiative to analyze as outlined above on postmodernism changes. What is that is ailing the world to enable to be conversant with the changes. All in all secularism is the new religion that has taken believing in God to be something out of the periphery hence a vacuum is created and it can only be filed with postmodernism.
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Benjamin I.

It can not be denied that the church remains a very influential force in shaping the morality of the people. Hence, it must advocate servant leadership so to speak. Well-written and well-structured essay.

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