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Human Resource Management and Personnel Management

The paper is about Human Resource Management and Personnel Management,it has clealy distinguished between the two.

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Table of contents

Introduction 2
Significance of Human Resource Management 4
Drawbacks 4
Performance Appraisal 5
Elements/Components of an Effective Appraisal System 6
Trait Oriented Appraisal 6
Outcome Oriented Appraisal 6
Behaviour  Oriented Appraisal 7
Reasons for/Purpose of Performance Appraisal 7
Job Analysis 7
Reasons for the Job Analysis 8
The process of Job Analysis 9
Steps in Job analysis 9
How to gather information for Job Analysis 9
References 10

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Different terms are used to denote human resource management. They are: labor management, labor administration, labor-management relations, employee-employer relations, industrial relations, personnel administration, personnel management, human capital management, human asset management, human resources management and the like. Though these terms can be differentiated widely, the basic nature of distinction lies in the scope or coverage and evolutionary stage. In simple sense, human resources management means employing people, developing their resources, utilizing, maintaining and compensating their services in tune with the job ...

... of representative position- Choose a sample position.
3) Collection of Job analysis data- That is data on the features for the job, required employees qualification, required experience etc. This is collected from employees actually performing the job or from the supervisor or rather through observation.
4) Develop a Job description- That is write a broad statement of the purpose, scope, duties and responsibilities of the particular job.
5) Develop a Job specification- Convert the description details to a job specification describing the qualification of the ideal person for the position; physical elemental activities involved and expected behaviour.
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Human Resources
Princess R.

This is a good piece of analysis. I appreciate your effort in providing such a sharp distinction between the two that I was able to differentiate one from the other without so much mental efforts.

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