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Companies of two related UK supermarkets: Waitrose and Tesco

The essay is about Companies of two related UK supermarkets that is Waitrose and Tesco.The companies carry out retail business in UK.The paper has analyzed how they really exercise concern over the resources they use in their business.

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Table of contents

Sustainability is a key issue for Waitrose and Tesco in 2008. 1
Ways in which these companies can move towards sustainable operation. 4
The key issues that Tesco have faced public criticism and controversy over. 6
The way it mange\'s such criticism 11
Corporate social responsibility. 13
.Reasons why Waitrose is a more socially responsible corporation than Tesco. 16
General recommendation can you make for Waitrose and Tesco and the industry they operate in. 19
References; 22

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Sustainability refers to the essence of a firm being able to operate in the environment profitably and without depleting the natural resources or jeopardizing its existence in the environment. It is also the economic development maintained at an acceptable level of industrial standards and regulations in relation to the company’s corporate objective of perpetual business operation and continued survival. Sustainability mainly focuses on the natural resources the t the organization applies in the manufacture of its products or the general resources that the firm deals in. however resource concern may be natural resources or manmade; the bottom line in sustainability is ensuring that they are not unfavorably depleted because they are going to cause the business of the organization to come to a standstill in future. The companies carrying out retail business in UK that is Tesco, Waitrose and many other retail outlets have to really ...

... everything that the firm does, let it not look at the cost of doing good, because such actions flow in a vicious cycle. In the end, may it be in the long run or in the short run, the firm is going to benefit directly or indirectly from those little actions of charity. This does not however mean doing well foolishly; remember that an action done that jeopardizes the perpetual existence of the firm cannot be called good. Good action are those that are beneficial to both the firm and it increases the sum total of the pleasure derived by the by the stakeholders where even the firm is a stakeholder. Morally accepted codes of ethical conducts should be embraced and taken to heart with a keen interest.
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