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Challenges of Human Resources in the Middle East countries

The growth of human resource in the Middle East has driven businesses to concentrate on strategies. Organizations in the Middle East operate in overlapping sectors like financial services and tourism in emerging markets.

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Challenges of Human Resources in the Middle East countries There has been a growing importance on the discussions concerning human resources in the Middle East restructuring and localizing of traditionally experts in the heavy work forces was made. In the past there were problems that were encountered during the relocations of foreign workers since employers did not know the amount of money that could be paid to their tax free salaries. This problem does not exist any more in the Middle East; however the biggest problem is that, the structures in the Middle East markets are not effective enough to serve the current human resources with capabilities. There are no enough financial resources to cater for the construction of good market structures at a faster rate in the Middle East. Currently, the main focus in the Middle East is the establishment of learning institutions, specialized universities and training schools. These institutions are being established for the purpose of developing and promoting main skills and ...

... resource processes to the company. There should be frequent communication with employees concerning the organizational strategies as well as linking their performance to organizational results to ensure a high performance culture in the organization is achieved. Organizations should hire the right talents who have the right skills required for the job. They should work towards retaining talent in the organization which is the most important asset for the business. Multinational must identify the key employee segments in the region before entering in a business in the Middle East. Many people in the Middle East are interested in entering in a long term career. Multinational must realize that, the younger nationals are motivated by career development and training in the total reward package. They must be aware of the rapid changes in the housing costs in the local economy and set up a culture of accountability.
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Human Resource management is one of the most important phases of work in the field of business, local or international. Hence, it should be given prime importance.

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