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Leadership development

The essay is on leadership that should be developed in order to maximize the out put of the organization. Leadership is a component that is used in the directing function of managers.

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Table of contents

Leadership development
Leadership and management
Leadership and organizational performance
Managerial leadership roles
Being a leader: Satisfaction or frustration

Leadership framework

Personal qualities

Self belief

Self awareness

Self management

Personal integrity

Setting Direction

Intellectual flexibility
Drive for results
Seizing the future
Delivering the Service

Leadership change through people
Hold to account
Empower others
Theoretical perspective
Trait theory
Behavioral theory
Contingency and situational leadership theory

Integrative leadership

Preview of the essay: Leadership development

A leader can be described as a person who leads guides, rules, and inspires others in a group. Leadership can viewed in conventional terms to mean a person who is the head of a group. A leader can be appointed or elected because a person possesses certain attributes. However, it is not sufficient to view leaders only by what they can do. Leaders are required to develop their skills since power is shifting from formal authority records to power to develop and promote new ideas and better ways of doing things. It is evident that, good leaders are made and not born since effective leadership is based on the ...

... together with vision and certainty to achieve personal as well as organizational integration. Integrative leadership is characterized by the ability of the leader to do more with less. Leaders must expect to experience frustrations in their undertaking and should ensure that theses challenges must be endured to achieve the best.
Leadership is highly affected by public as well as private expectations which are the external forces. Such forces involve changing technology, up coming leaders with talents and the shift from mechanistic to organic paradigm. In addition, leadership is also influenced by internal forces in the organization where leaders must give the meaning and purpose of undertaking various activities (Watkins 2004, p. 17). The directions given by leaders in the organization are expected to make a difference. Leaders also have the challenge of balancing their social life and work situations such as relations and associations. Organizations expect leaders to make a difference by improving the organizational status. Most people in a group have great expectations from the leader who have to help them make the changes in their situations.
Integrative leadership requires leaders to lead through identity and integrity. Leaders have to demonstrate the outer and inner self in their leadership. A leader’s success can be demonstrated by the current effectiveness of the leader’s ability. This can be shown by the advancement of the leader’s ability to transform their followers in the organization (Preskill et al 1994).
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