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International Business (case study at Honda Motor Company)

The paper is about a case study of Honda Motor Company which is a International Business that conducts business in many markets.

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International Business (case study at Honda Motor Company) Chapter 1 In 1948 Honda Motor Company was started in Japan. The country of Japan is famous for many of its exports, and has served Honda well as a base for international business. Honda conducts international business in many markets. Automobiles are built in Japan and exported all over the world, where assembly and local part production are used to put out a final product. Motorcycles are built in locations close to the customer such as Milwaukee for U.S. products. Honda engines are built all over the world and used in Honda and non-Honda products. Recently Honda has entered into the aircraft market with the Honda Jet. This product will be built in the United States and sent all over the world. Through extensive importing and exporting Honda is a large player in international business. Japan is no stranger to international business. Japan is well known for its exporting of technology, automobiles, automatic production systems, and telecommunication equipment. Exports in Japan total over $450 billion yearly. A majority of imports into Japan are raw materials and fuels. Japan imports of $320 billion a year. Japan’s largest trade ...

... engines use an even more indirect distribution channel by utilizing wholesalers who sell to retailers. Your local small engine shop buys the engines from wholesalers who buy the engines from Honda. Honda Aircraft also use indirect distribution. Their joint venture with Piper Aircraft includes a distribution contract with Piper dealers across the country. Japan has created a great environment for transportation in the global marketplace. Japan being an island could create a huge obstacle to transportation of goods, but they have developed a large network of transportation to assist in low-cost exporting. In Japan there are 4,712 miles of railway. This assists in the transportation of raw materials to the factories in Japan. There are 28 seaports of commerce in Japan. Shipping is the primary method for getting products from Japan to the rest of the world. There are two primary air cargo terminals in Japan. These are saturated with cargo companies flying cargo 24 hours a day. This distribution network allows companies such as Honda to produce a product in Japan and have relative ease transporting it all over the world.
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Princess R.

Honda motors is already tried and tested. There are many companies today but nothing beats Honda in my opinion.

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