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It's a short essay the obligations of fatherhood. Many people find fatherhood a difficult task because of the many responsibilities that a father is expected to have. This roles are very important in any society and should be highly appreciated, recognized and taken seriously. If men who are fathers do not carry out their roles effectively, imagine what kind of world we would be in. As a father a lot is expected from him, being the head of the house. It is not just about the money, there is also emotional support, mentorship, leadership, guidance, critical decision making and much more. The state of a home is greatly determined by the way a man organizes his life. Many men don't know this but you can know a man who is a father by looking at the state of his family.

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Obligations of a Modern Man: Fatherhood What makes a father? Is it the beer bottle in his hand, prowess of winning over many ladies’ affections, success in career, or a ...

... obligations as fathers. There would be no family, no community, no society and no hope for humanity. The obligations of fatherhood should be well recognized, appreciated and taken seriously.
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