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Humanitarian consequences arising from sanctions against Iraq

This essay is about humanitarian consequences arising from sanctions against Iraq. It also talks about how Experts have always concluded that if sanctions have to continue as common tool of international policy, then practices and values for their use and implementation need extensive reforms.

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
Humanitarian Consequences 1
Smart sanctions which are mostly targeted nowadays include; 2
Challenges of this targeted measures; 3
Efforts of governments on targeted sanctions 3
Keeping High values for Sanctions 4
Conclusion 4

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The UN Security Council forced full economic sanctions against Iraq on August 6, 1990; this was after the Iraqi attack on Kuwait. Iraq having been ousted by the alliance war from Kuwait the previous year. The UN Council refused to haul up the sanctions; to force them disarms beside the other goals. The sanctions stayed in place afterward, in spite of harsh economic effects on innocent Iraqi people in addition to lack of force on Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. A program that was organized by UN Council "Oil-for-Food," came in progress in early 1998 which tried to offer some aid to Iraqis, but besides all this the humanitarian calamity did not end. The United State and United Kingdom governments kept on threatening the Council that they would obstruct ...

... familiarity with the Iraqi sanctions, majority of people and agencies now know and are acquainted with the sanctions no matter how they even called smart sanctions, need to be guided by precise international legal principles, if not ethical principles. Present sanctions have shown indecisive grounding in ethics and slight or no reputation in international law. This makes them fall in an ancient area or stuck between humanitarian law and the convention of warfare. This vagueness and moral uncertainty should be overcomed if indeed sanctions are to give out a legitimate rationale in international affairs.
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