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A team has only one leader

The essay is about a team leader.It has pointed out that a team is based on its vision and that is the responsibility of the team leader to create a vision that describes the team.

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Introduction 1
Mickey Arthur’s view on having one leader in a team 2
Growing a Team 3
Conclusion 7
References 8

Anteprima della tesi: A team has only one leader

The definition of a team means that people come together for the purpose of pooling resources. The pulling of resources together results to the achievement of goals that are shared among the team members where they are all equally accountable. In a team, there is a high interdependence for the purpose of achieving a common goal. There is a deep commitment for the team members to each other for personal development and achievement (Wellins 1991). Team members are said to have synergetic effects in the sense that they achieve more than what an individual can achieve ...

... not working efficiently. The members of the team tend to think that individual work preferences are in disagreement instead of harmonizing with each other. In my opinion I suppose that, teams fail to achieve the set goals due to various reasons some of which are as a result from the team leader. The leader may not have set clear goals for the team; there is confusion about assignments, lack of initiative and holding unproductive meetings. This paper truly argues in the support that a team has only one leader.
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