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Motivation theories

The essay is about motivation theories.It has discussed and compared two theories that is;Maslow’s theory of motivation and McGregor theory X and theory Y.

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Introduction 2
Maslow’s theory of motivation 2
Self esteem needs 4
McGregor theory X and theory Y 6
Comparing and contrasting the theories 6
Critique of motivation 6
Conclusion 7
References 7

Anteprima della tesi: Motivation theories

Motivation can be defined as a combination of some reasons that makes one to do or behave in a certain manner. Motivation also is defined as the causes for human and animal behaviors. Motivation theory is the reason for certain behavior as explained by different theorist. According to different theories motivation may be causes by factors such as the basic need to reduce physical pain, and capitalize on pleasure. Several theories have been developed to explain motivation and how individual are motivated to achieve their goal and objectives concerning their professional, individual and communal lives ...

... people behave. People are motivated by their basic needs. In the work place people are motivated by factors, which satisfy their needs. According to Herzberg some factors if they are absent them will cause dissatisfaction. The motivating factors in the work place include factors such as good working conditions, salary, good interpersonal relation and company policy and administration.
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