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Current Tourism Related Issues

The paper has identified five current tourism related issues and ranked them in the order of importance.

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Table of contents

Executive Summary 2
1. Introduction 2
2. Customer Service Issues: 3
2.1. Impact on Tourism: 3
2.2. Ranking and Justification: 3
3. Economic Slowdown Issues: 4
3.1. Impact on Tourism: 4
3.2. Ranking and Justification: 5
4. Safety and Security Issues: 5
4.1. Impact on Tourism: 5
4.2. Ranking and Justification: 6
5. Issue of Tourism related Scams: 7
5.1. Impact on tourism: 7
5.2. Ranking and Justification: 7
6. Issue of Strikes at Tourist Destination: 8
6.1. Impact on Tourism: 8
6.2. Ranking and Justification: 8
7. Conclusion 8
Reference List 10

Preview of the essay: Current Tourism Related Issues

Tourism involves that people travel to a place other than their usual place of residence, and in the process help the economy of the destination place. If tourists like a particular destination, they are likely to return to that place, thus helping improve the tourist revenue of the place. However, a bad experience can turn off the tourists for life who may then pass on negative feedback to others, thus reducing a destination’s tourism potential. Countries, cities and civil bodies can do a lot to improve a place’s tourism potential. Some of the steps they can take include building the infrastructure ...

... problem at the tourist destination can come in the way of the tourist being able to fulfil his motives for travel. This will result in the tourist having a bad experience and he may decide to not come back to the particular destination, besides passing on negative feedback to friends and family, who too will then avoid the destination, hurting the tourism of the place. So I have ranked the above mentioned five current issues based on their ability to affect the tourism of a place.
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Benjamin I.

...terrific essay..i appreciate the way the writer discussed the different issues of tourism in a clear manner.

Princess R.

I also appreciate the content of this essay. The presentation is so precise ti was able to see through the real score in the tourism industry.

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