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European airline industry and the economy

The aim of this paper is to examine how the low cost airlines have affected the European airlines market and economy.

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Table of contents

Introduction 2
What are low cost airline 2
The strategy of low cost 2
Effects of low cost airlines in Europe aviation industry 3
Effects on transport industry and the economy 4
Effect on the economy 4
Competition 5
Environmental effects 6
Ground based fuel consumption 7
Strategic options for traditional airlines 8
Future aspects 9
Conclusion 9
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Preview of the essay: European airline industry and the economy

For so many years the European air industry was very sable because of government control and deregulations. However, since deregulation in 1993, various important aspects in the industry were modified. Airline companies were given a lot of freedom and they were put in situations where they had to take decision on there own. More so, deregulations created a way for emerge of low cost airlines that actively engaged in high competition with traditional airlines. The aim of this thesis is to examine: How the low cost airlines have affected the European airlines market? To answer this question, the paper will first define low cost airline for the purpose of academic clarity before examining its effect on the European industry.
What are low cost airline
As Gross and Schroeder (2007) explain, a low cost airline also referred to ass ...

... resulted in new customer behaviours and other challenges like environmental concerns since increase in the number of freights from low cost airlines means increase in noise and gases emissions. At the same time traditional airlines have been forced to rethink their marketing strategies to contain their market share. Accordingly traditional airlines have responded by introducing economic fares and discounts though low cost airlines still are still low in prices. In general low cost airlines have resulted in innovative and better services with European aviation industry.
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Princess R.

I can not help but compare the Philippine Airlines with that of European Airlines. There are lots of differences really. How I wish a European model be adopted in most Asian countries.

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