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voluntary euthanasia in canada

The envisages to dig deep into the issue of euthanasia or in canada and tries to define exactly what it is.

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VOLUNTARY EUTHANASIA IN CANADA Death is an intriguing concept and end-of-life issues have always been a topic of interest and debate in Canada. End-of-life controversies seem to be receiving much more attention in the media and literature than ever before, which can in part be attributed to advances in medical treatment that allow people with incurable diseases such as AIDS and Alzheimer’s to live longer. However, the fact that people with debilitating illnesses are now living longer does not mean they are living a pain-free or satisfactory quality of life. A desire to be spared from prolonged suffering, an increased incidence of seriously debilitating illnesses, and a better understanding of the dying process and medical treatments have strengthened the need for better control and legislation regarding euthanasia (Dunsmuir, Smith, Alter, & Harder, 2002). This paper will discuss and describe the concept of euthanasia in the context of voluntary death ...

... and healthcare professionals regarding voluntary euthanasia contributes to the different practices in Canada and creates the difficulty for establishing end-of-life protocol. After reading and synthesizing the available literature on voluntary euthanasia in Canada, my personal view of euthanasia has changed. I still see voluntary euthanasia as a positive concept, although I now recognize the potential negative impacts that may occur if VE is legalized. I also realize the importance of further examination in VE and the need for new legislation to match common practices. Finally, the literature made clear the difficulties of creating legislation that caters to the importance of evaluating each situation uniquely and integrating the most appropriate measures for that case.
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