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Nursing Leadership and Risk assessment

The paper is about Nursing Leadership and Risk assessment. The essay has further discussed how organization structure and culture of an organization determines how work is performed in a organization

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
(a) Communication channels (300 words) 2
(b) Nursing leadership (300 words) 2
(c) Nursing care delivery system (300 words) 3
The differences between Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement 4
The use communication channels in quality and risk 5
Conclusion 5

Preview of the essay: Nursing Leadership and Risk assessment

Organization structure defines the leadership/ management framework of an organization. With the current heightened competition being witnessed, it is increasingly becoming more important that organizations have a well defined organization structure that can help it in achieve and even surpass its goals. Research shows that organization structure has a direct relation with performance of an organization. As Denison (1990): points out, ...

... done this way because the hospital is too big with a huge number of employees. Cleveland clinic similarly has undertaken a lot of activities thus there is a lot of diversity in the in the activities going on. As it can be note there are three hospitals in one thus it calls for a lot of divisions in management for it to be effective. The beauty of this kind of structure is that it easily defined the roles and responsibilities of each worker. It also gives a great opportunity for developing ones professionalism, which is in line which the mission of Cleveland clinic. This kind of management structure also gives the employees more opportunities for getting promotions and it has a clear leadership structure.
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