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Humanitarian immigration

The essay is about humanitarian immigration comprising of refugees and asylums which have continued to increase in America.

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Table of contents

Introduction 2
World-wide attraction 2
Sympathy gone astray 3
Asylum abusers 5
Half-million political asylum immigrants and still increasing 5
The public anger over abuse of asylum status 6
Those persecuted 7
The problem of definition 7
Steps needed to demagnetize asylum seeking 8
Mass movement to America 9
Concluding remarks 10
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Preview of the essay: Humanitarian immigration

It is estimated that more than one million people immigrant to America annually. Humanitarian immigration comprising of refugees and asylums have continued to increase. Normally due to emotional desire and supposed national responsibilities and unrestricted by the law, humanitarian intake of immigrants has overstepped rational management. Political asylum has turned out to be the most idealistic, very uncontrollable and poorly directed type of immigration in America (New York Times, 2006). As outlined in the Refugee Act of 1980, political asylum provides a safe place to immigrants already staying in America, or those who are at the point of entry as long as they can provide a well-based fear of being persecuted in their own countries because of their political views, religion, race or ethnicity. If a person is given asylum, such a person is free to live as well as work in ...

... seeking freedom from communist domination” (p, 67), even though the American agencies were trying to slow the inflow of immigrants. Such remarks have only resulted in an increase of people seeking asylum status even those who do not deserve. From the discussion of the essay, it can best be concluded that political asylum should not be supported and granted blindly, it is important that the asylum seekers has to be restricted and even those granted asylum it should be only temporary. Otherwise asylum will continue to be abused and misused as an avenue for those seeking to live and work in America.
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Benjamin I.

Humanitarian migration is true not only to America but also in other countries like Australia and certain European countries. At one side, that is a good policy for it encourages charity. However, inevitable effects sprout. That's the consequence of it all. This essay is very educational and is recommended for sociological researchers.

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