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Homeless people in America

The essay is about homeless people in America. It has discussed on how homeless people encounter difficulties as the struggle to survive.

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Introduction 1
Thesis 2
Review of the literature 2
Method 5
Findings and analysis 5
Limitations 11
Conclusion 11
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Over the recent past, more than two million people, children, women and men were reported to be homeless in America (NCH, 2007) Homeless people encounter a powerful struggle in ensure that they survive, though the society downs down their heads towards issue. The hardships of the homeless people are an aspect that is normally ignored by the society, yet homelessness is a social problem that needs to be solved by the society. Homeless people today are subjected to discrimination and alienation by the conventional society. (NCH, 2007) most of the discrimination and alienation comes from lack of knowledge concerning the homeless people. Consequently, the homeless ...

... problems in not covered well in this research, as the research is only finding out the various problems that face the homeless. The limitation here is that some of those problems are not directly caused by the society but they may be brought a bout by other factors. Also the number of the sample available is small those the data collected may not be accurate enough to reflect the extent or true picture of the problem. Another problem is the difficult in ascertaining the time of an individual have stayed on the streets as a homeless as no records were used when getting the sample.
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Benjamin I.

...It is indeed an utopian view to entertain the idea of a perfect society. America is not an exception...though it is called the land of milk and honey, the problem on homelessness remains a problem. If America is afflicted of this problem, think how worse the problem is in poor countries like Somalia, Bangladesh, etc. It is grim. I like this essay; the presentation is so realistic that it made me realize important things in life.

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