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This essay has overviewed about Plato Vs socrates who is early philosophers who contributed much towards education development. It has reviewed their relationship by comparing and contrasting their ideas

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PLATO VS SOCRATES FRIENDS OR FOES Perhaps the question of whether Isocrates and Plato were friends or no is a big debate in the minds of many especially those who seek to follow there philosophical works. There are so many distinctive features between the two philosophers which often brought them together but there are other critics also who suppose that there ideologies in some other ways. One notable relationship between the two philosophers is the contribution they had on education. I Socrates who lived between the years 436-338 B.C. and Plato were educators i.e. they had the same ideologies on the values of education. They are renowned for their great contribution to the academies that shape the leaders of the democratic Athens. Isocrates however was more ...

... prized education; however the question of who supplied the said education seemed to have been a major point of discourse between Plato and Isocrates. Plato views the “art” of rhetoric as nothing more than a means of misdirection and manipulation of the ignorant masses. Contrary to Isocrates who sees rhetoric as a method of clarifying the truth that Plato himself is so concerned with. Throughout their articles readers unknowingly observe the animosity between these two scholars through anonymous criticisms in each of their writings, with the exception of Plato’s mention of Isocrates in at the end of the Phaedrus. The differences of the two philosophers relates to an issue like two children unable to solve their disputes in the school system
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