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Protection of ideas, intellectual property rights

This essay is a research paper that discusses the concepts of intellectual property and ways of inventing and protecting of ideas and inventions.

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Table of contents

1.0 Introduction 5
1.1 Definition of terms 5
1.2 Objectives of Study 8
1.3 Methods and Study
Research and Literature Survey 12
2.0 Introduction 12
2.1 Protection of intellectual property a case of Ontario 16
2.2 Atari & RIM in Copyright Fight 17
2.3 The Whisky Caper: Scotch Whisky Association vs.
Glenora Distillers 18
2.4 Patent Related to a Water Efficient Toilet 21
2.5 Cases of copyright violation 23
Critical Appraisal and Results 27
3.1 Patent Protection 31
3.2 Copyrights 33
3.3 Trademarks 35
3.4 Trade Secrets 36
Results and analysis 37                
Conclusion and recommendation 40                                            

Preview of the essay: Protection of ideas, intellectual property rights

Protection of ideas, intellectual property rights Abstract Following the fact that our economy has gradually become a knowledge based economy this research work has focused on the protection of intellectual property, it presents and further shades like on the nature of intellectual property, the issues around intellectual property like copyright, patent and trade marks. The research besides defining these concepts tries to answer questions like, “the process of protecting intellectual property” and “the value and outcome of protecting intellectual property”. The research examines the relevance of Intellectual property and the reasons why the concept should be sustained in our economy despite the fact that there are several criticisms against the concept. From the study of the research some relevant inferences posed as recommendations on the concepts have been deducted from the study which culminated personal and direct research. Synopsis The development of today’s world is anchored on the creativity of human beings from the ideas that keep springing up from critical thought. Intellectual property is the pivot to which man has developed ideas since the inception of ...

... Intellectual knowledge has grown and gained enough grounds to be referred to as an economy, the benefits of this design can not be underestimated as the plan has brought about many innovations since without the idea of protecting the inventions of people, I doubt the world would have developed to this extent. In the contemporary society, most people are usually on the move searching and thinking critically to gain ideas and make the world a better place besides improve their own personal living standards. In this case now its not going to be out of place to recommend that the Government strengthen more ties to the development of the protection of ideas and maintaining of the process, I believe this world rather make the world a better place, on the whole further research could be conducted on the effects of these rights on economies.
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