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Analysis of Selected Poems of Pablo Neruda

Explicated in this essay is a perceptive analysis of three selected poems of the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. The analysis focused on the literary elements of the sonnets written by Neruda.

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Table of contents

A Brief Overview of Poetry 1
Importance of Poetry 2
Elements of Poetry 2
The Classic Love Poems of Pablo Neruda 3
Implication of the Selected Sonnets to the Readers Especially the Students 11
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Preview of the essay: Analysis of Selected Poems of Pablo Neruda

ANALYSIS OF SELECTED POEMS OF PABLO NERUDA A Brief Overview of Poetry Poetry is an ancient form of literature. Thousands of years ago, people began using the music like rhythm and rhyme of poetry to pass on stories they did not want to be forgotten. Poetry is a special, exciting way of using language. Poets present ideas and feelings in few exact words. They used sound and rhythm to emphasize these ideas. A poet also tries to appeal to be enjoyed and remembered. Of the different kinds of poetry, one of the most popular is the sonnet, which despite its brevity of form, is capable of presenting deep and universal insights (ENCYCLOPEDIA AMERICANA VOL.25) Poetry is not merely intended to entertain. It has also a very useful and serious commitment to embody the depth truth about ...

... help them not to be bothered or confused about their feelings. They will come to realize that by reading the poem, they will know the essence of admiration and love.

c. Sonnet XCV
If the students will experience love someday, they will learn to be strong, enough to fight for their love against anything that will hinder it. They will learn to be truthful in all their action to reap genuine love.
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