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The Short Story as a Literary Genre

This essay is a discussion of the short story as a literary genre. It focuses primarily on meaning and nature of short story, its origin and development as well as the elements of short story.

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
Short Story Defined 1
Origin and Development of Short Story 3
Elements of Short Story 5
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Preview of the essay: The Short Story as a Literary Genre

The Short Story as a Literary Genre Introduction            The modern short story is the latest of the literary genre, perhaps the oldest ancestor of short stories such as the myths, fables, parables and anecdotes, are all illustrations of storytelling. Millions of people enjoy reading short stories. Short story is the expression and imitation of life in an actual situation; it also gives pleasure and enjoyment to the reader.  It can mold ideas, shape their thoughts and attitudes in inspiring them towards perfection and increases the capacity of the readers. Short story falls under the category of fiction in the literary genre. Fiction is structured on ...

... dialogues are used along with thoughts to reveal a character whose inner and outer person differ.
2. Action-This is used as the dominant mode in short stories. Good action is not an end in itself but a means of suggestion or expression for a deeper area.
3. Description-Good descriptive passage is used to highlight an important aspect of the theme.
4. Exposition-These are explanatory passage that gives background, information or commentary directly.
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