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Torque Ltd in production and marketing of high speed –tech laptops

The paper is about Torque Ltd a campany that deals with production and marketing of high speed –tech laptops.The paper has discussed on how the campany markets its product and the challenges involved.

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
Marketing 1
Market segmentation 4
Competition 4
Challenges of the Torque ltd 4
Protectionism 5
Trading risks 5
Risks involved in getting the funds7
Company management 8
Risks involved in marketing 9
Evaluation of horizontal and vertical integrations. 10
References 11

Preview of the essay: Torque Ltd in production and marketing of high speed –tech laptops

     Torque Ltd in production and marketing of high speed –tech laptops. Torque Ltd in production and marketing of high speed –tech laptops The internet provides a true global market place where people can find products and services. It provides the people with direct channel to the government authorities, health services, local and foreign communities. Through this understanding Torque ltd, decided to put its product to the website so that customer can access products and services. The company will introduce its new products in the market using the ...

... Horizontal integrations
The company will influence or adopt this strategy when it plans to develop by seeking ownerships of its competitors through their strategy, the company will dominate their market.
Vertical Integration
This is a strategy for growth in which a company adds new facilities to existing manufacturering or distribution facilities. Torque ltd. therefore has in its product development decisions had future plans to introduce other scientific electronics including scientific calculators
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