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Business Planning Process

The essay is business Planning has discussed on how a well planned business will increase its sales, reduce costs and increase benefits from high profit.

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
Simple purchase decision model 2
Predisposition (before purchase) 2
Perceived need for a product 2
Information search 3
References 4

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Business Planning Process Introduction A business with well planned strategies will increase its sales, reduce costs and increase benefits from high profit. The management of a business therefore should come up with achievable target in its department. Our organization Blue star Ltd is composed of various departments. Each of these departments is headed ...

b) Libraries
c) Trade associations
d) Other business firms
e) Commercial marketing research and consultant organizations.
The firm has also adopted a system of obtaining information from customers through adopting the below research designs
a) Questionnaire (Survey approach)
b) Experimental approach
c) Observation approach
Through these methods, the management has adopted various marketing strategies to address the result arising. A group of one thousand customers was used as the sample to conduct the survey.

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