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Introduction to Tourism

The paper is about tourism as one of the largest industries in the has played a significant role in the economies of many nations hence offering a great prospective meant for growth and development.

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
Executive Summary: The outlook for Australian tourism in 2009 1
Issue 1: Tourism Australia global market monitor 3
Issue 2: Financial Services 3
Issue 3: Alcohol the \'lubricant\' of tourism: industry 5
Issue 4: Battle lines in the sand 6
Issue 5: Growing Global Concern for the Environment 7
Conclusion and recommendations 8
References 9

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Introduction to Tourism Introduction Tourism is among the largest key industries around the world and is of fastidious significance towards the economies of several developing as well as developed countries along with rising markets. As an important basis of foreign exchange earning and employment, the tourism sector may offer a great prospective meant for growth and development. On the other hand, there have been great anxieties concerning the social in addition to environmental problems which can be caused by uncontrolled tourism. Tourism may pilot an environmental dilapidation and the devastation of delicate ecosystems. It may as well cause and worsen ...

... European Community. About £330 million of projected revenue from the discriminatory tax will be incorporated in reducing a central government deficit of roughly £50 billion. Further discriminatory financial plan proposals in Scandinavia plus Australia were in recent times rejected.

Policy makers should formulate policies that are tourist friendly, to encourage both the foreign and domestic tourism. On the other hand, the Tourism Forecasting Committee should project real trends in tourism to help the investors plan on how to development their businesses.
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